Sarasota Fairgrounds | Sarasota, FL

Nov. 18-19, 25-26, Dec. 2-3, 9-10

Vendor Guidelines

Here forward Fair shall refer to both the Brevard Renaissance Fair and SunCoast Renaissance Festival, applicable based on events to which you have applied.

1. Independent Contractor Status

The Vendor, as an independent contractor, agrees to make all reports and returns for and to pay and arrange for payment of all Social Security and withholding obligations by and for the act and members thereof due the United States Federal Government and any State or Municipal Government.

2. Disclaimer

In consideration of the Vendor contracting as an independent contractor, he/she hereby waives any and all rights of action for accidents or injuries which may occur while at the Festival and agrees that neither the Company nor its owners, officers, agents, or employees shall be liable to the undersigned, or those claiming through the undersigned, and shall indemnify the Company and the County Board of County Commissioners, and hold them harmless for any claim or damage arising out of any injury, death, or property damage in connection with the undersigned’s participation at the Fair. I have read and fully understand this Agreement to be binding upon me and my company. I understand that no oral agreements or other representation shall be binding on the Company absent written agreement. I understand that I may not assign my rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Company. This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and County, and agree to submit to jurisdiction in the State of Florida regarding same.

*Acceptance is not guaranteed, and dependent upon Review by the Company. Until said Acceptance, this contract is not binding.*

Waiver of Claims

The Fair and its agents shall not be liable for, and Vendor hereby releases all claims for damage to or loss of personal property sustained by Vendor or any person claiming through Vendor resulting from any fire, accident, occurrence, theft or condition in or upon the grounds/site which they shall be a part of, or adjoining areas.

Vendor Guidelines

  • All works and products must be indicative of the medieval era. Preference will be given to original, handcrafted pieces. Works that are mass-produced, manufactured, or made from commercial molds may not be accepted. Imported items are strictly limited and will be accepted on an individual basis.
  • All booths must be open and manned during Fair hours. All booths must have a medieval appearance. All modern metal MUST be masked or securely covered utilizing period materials such as burlap, tapestry or some other fabric. Booths are expected to have visible period style signage. A painted or carved wood sign or a fabric banner is recommended.
  • All tents regardless of size must be secured and tied down appropriately. Tents are required to have two ropes for every corner with 18” stakes or spiral anchors to withstand extreme wind or heavy rain. All propane cylinders being used or stored must be adequately secured against falling over or sustaining physical damage regardless of size. The Fire Marshall will inspect for tie-down safety and fire hazards.
  • In keeping with the theme of the Fair, all booth personnel MUST be in appropriate attire for the time period. Participants should be prepared to interact with visitors in appropriate medieval style, language and manner!
  • During the Fair, smoking is prohibited in public areas. Cell phone usage cannot be visible to the general public.
  • NO pets are allowed on the Fair site when the Fair is in operation or within 200 feet from the tree line.
  • If you are using electricity for your booth or lodging, it is mandatory that you use a 12-gauge cord or larger.