• Speak Like a Rennie

  • Renaissance Fairs typically include a glorious mix of music, costumes, characters, and stories from the Medieval through the Renaissance and beyond (pirates, for example). During this span of about 1000 years, the languages spoken in England evolved enormously from Celtic, through Olde English (which sounded more like German than English), through Middle English, to the Early Modern English we associate with Shakespeare. There are links at the bottom of the page for anyone curious what English might have sounded like at various times in history.

    At Ren Fairs, so that we will all understand each other, we speak modern English with a little Renaissance grammar and vocabulary thrown in – a language we call RenFairish.

    Thee, Thy, Thine

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    Around AD1500: Shakespeare’s time.

    The Queens’ English:

    Around AD1000: Old English (Anglo-Saxon)

    Around AD500: Celtic

    Modern Cornish is a surviving Brythonic Celtic language.