SunCoast Actors of the Renaissance Festival

Rina Adams – Dance Fiddler

She is handsome, she is pretty, she is the belle of Hillsboro county! Rina is a gypsy at heart and a dragon in disguise, gifted with the talent of crafting. She is a mother to four hell hounds and a naga whilst also being the wife of a wandering king slayer. When she is not busy mastering her craft, she can be found traveling with The Black Velvet Band and other local aristocrats. Her love of music spans past two decades and she loves what she does. Be wary though, her charm can lead to your demise.

Michael Cicci as Sir Hugh de Burgh  

Michael Cicci has been attending Renaissance Festivals since he was a small child. He started volunteering at the Florida Renaissance Festival as a teenager for community service hours in high school. It was there that he found his passion for this amazing world. From there he started developing characters of different eras in history that can be seen from Pirate festivals, Siege weapons encampments and other Renaissance Festivals.

Cherran Dea as the The Sheriff of Nottingham 

Cherran Dea is a Midwest transplant currently residing in Orlando, Florida. When she isn’t working as a performer at Universal Studios (Halloween Horror Nights & Animated Characters), she’s twirling some tassels as a resident burlesque performer with prominent Orlando troupes: Corsets & Cuties and Midnight Fables Cabaret... She is also a ringmaster with the Victorian Horror Troupe Phantasmagoria, where she weaves tales from time immemorial as Dahlia. Cherran Dea’s previous credits include 2018 Orlando Fringe Festival’s Patron’s Pick Winning musical A Show Girls Musical and Arden.

 Blake Evridge as Little John

Blake is very thrilled to be a part of the Suncoast Renaissance Festival. This is his first time performing at a Renaissance festival. Blake has been a part of community theater and improv shows for some time now.  He loves entertainment and making people smile. When he is not acting, he is a graphic designer.

Timothy Fraley as Prince John  

Timothy is a classically trained professional actor. He has been in theater from childhood and has been performing at faires and festivals for decades, portraying a wide range of memorable and unique interactive characters. With his background in stage, environmental theater, and history, whether bringing emperors, kings, dukes, popes, heroes or villains to life, his singular talents and gracious style have made him a festival favorite from the southernmost tip of Florida to the shores of the Great Lakes, and places in between.

Jennifer Frandsen as Fairy Godmother

Jennifer is very happy to be a part of the Suncoast Renaissance Festival. Jennifer has been performing and participating at the Brevard Renaissance Fair and is excited to come over and perform at Suncoast.  You can find her in the Fairy forest, telling stories, and playing her music.

Chris Jones as Sir Guy of Gisbourne

Chris Jones is a has performed many different characters throughout his rein at renaissance faires/festivals. He is very happy to be performing at the Suncoast Renaissance Festival.

Cathalina Liebel – Stage Manager

Aside from her 6 years of both performance and production experience in the Renaissance Faire industry, she is also a 16th generation circus performer, published author and ballroom dancer.

We are extremely pleased and fortunate that she has lent us her expertise for the Suncoast Renaissance Festival.

Tyler Mattingly as Robin Hood

Tyler Mattingly is very thrilled and honored to be a part of this wonderful experience. This is his first reenactment of a Renaissance fair and he gets to reprise a role that he once played on stage as Robin Hood. Tyler has been a part of about a dozen or so community theater shows with a handful of improv shows, he loves entertainment and making people smile. When he is not working on his acting craft he's working at his full-time business as a mobile dog groomer in Brevard county which is slowly getting bigger and bigger as each month goes on. He is very blessed to be a part of such a unique group  of individuals that are able to recreate life as it was in the year 1194 he hopes you enjoy the show and to all raise the glass to some ale. Sláinte

Eldona Mellen as Grandmother Fairy

A familiar in Brevard theatre for many years. Eldona has been with the Brevard Renaissance Fair since its inception 6 years ago. She has acted in several different roles with the BRF including the fairy queen in a Midsummer Night’s Dream and Philippa of Hainault Queen to Edward III. Often her role is behind the scenes serving as a costume advisor and in differing administrative roles. It is with great joy that she welcomes everyone to the Suncoast Renaissance Festival as she brings to life “Grandmother Fairy!” Huzzah!

Mike Mellen as Lector Maekreit, Tinker  

Mike has been involved with the Brevard Renaissance Fair since its beginning and is part of both the cast and administrative team. When he isn’t doing nerdy computer things to pay the bills, he can be found hanging out at local community theaters, where he volunteers as an actor, improv troupe member, lighting and sound technician and director. He will be spending part of his Faire days on the stage in the Bard lite productions, and the rest repairing patrons’ broken possessions.

Cara Noel as Maid Marion

Cara Noel (Lady Marian) is excited to have you join her at the Sarasota and Brevard Renaissance Festivals, as we go back to the time of Robin Hood! Cara has been seen frequenting the stage at Surfside Players in Cocoa Beach, performing in shows such as Bus Stop and Up, as well as, this year’s Orlando Fringe Festival and Melbourne Civic Theater’s infamous play readings. She also enjoys working in film and television, so don’t be surprised if you see her on tv in a commercial or two. Her training foundation lies in the Meisner technique from Truthful Acting Studios, along with various classes in improv, stunt driving, and dance. She expresses immense gratitude for the unwavering support of her friends and family and is proud to share her passion with you.

Thomas Rangitsch as Sparrowhawk, the Artist  

Thomas Rangitsch is a lifelong Renaissance fair attendee, in various states, and this is his first Fair to participate in. He is an avid Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder player, having played Pathfinder for 8 years and running games for 6 years. He is a teacher and in his free time he enjoys painting tabletop roleplaying game miniatures, crocheting, video games, and wood burning.  He has 3 pets, two cats named Mister and Hastur and an ivory ball python named Chlorr.

Sadie Raeburn as Eda, the Town Crier

Sadie Raeburn is an actor, writer, painter, and cosplayer with a passion for storytelling. After catching the acting bug at the age of twelve, Sadie began performing and studying film and theatre. Her favorite performances are Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" and Victoria Vandyke in the short film "Funeral For a Mortician." You can catch her frequenting Animal Kingdom or rescuing butterflies.

Kara Tingley as Lady Lucy Somerset

Kara has been involved in theatre since 2002 and in Renaissance faires, festivals, and interactive theatre since 2004. Over the years she has portrayed many characters and held many positions including street cast, choral director, and cast director. She has performed at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, the Pennsylvania, and the Brevard Renaissances Faire, and with Noble Art Theatre Company. Kara is excited to be a part of the Suncoast Renaissance Festival.

Jamie Wade as Lady Isabella, daughter of Prince John

From performing to costume design, Jamie has been involved in theatre since 2010. She has performed at the Florida Renaissance Festival, Camelot Days, and Boynton Beach Pirate Festival, and is ecstatic to be a part of the Suncoast Renaissance Festival team.  In her spare time, she works as a Cosplay repair nurse at several conventions in South Florida.

Robert Workman as Edmund of Gloucester, natural son of Prince John

Robert got his love for reenactment with his father when he was young and did a wild west themed gun safety show. After 11 years working as a pirate reenactor for multiple festivals throughout Florida this will be Robert’s second time as apart of major cast. This will be Robert’s second time working with Suncoast and Brevard Renaissance festivals. He has worked with stunts, being blown off a boat with minor pyrotechnics, sword fights, and did a black powder display. Here because of the love of it.