SunCoast Actors of the Renaissance Festival

Camila Ferrufino – Court Herald Trumpeter

Camila is a trumpeter from the Tampa Bay area.  Her love for the arts in music, visual art, fashion, and acting have led her to her involvement to festivals, lifestyle modeling and private arts mentorship and education. This year, she will be performing at the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival as a Herald trumpeter and she looks forward to playing for the king as well as in live sports arenas.

Cathalina Liebel – Stage Manager

Aside from her 5 years of both performance and production experience in the Renaissance Faire industry, she is also a 16th generation circus performer, published author and ballroom dancer.

We are extremely pleased and fortunate that she has lent us her expertise for the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival.

Chelsea Hensley as Margery Tailor

Chelsea has been around theater her entire life, as her father was a director and drama instructor. Currently, she is an artist and cosplayer. She has been cosplaying for over 3 years but has been creating since she was little. She now specializes in 3D foam creature builds. She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in metal smithing and ceramics.

Chris Jones as Sir William Kingston, Captain of the Guard

Chris Jones has performed many different characters throughout his rein at renaissance faires/festivals. He is very happy to be performing at the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival.

Diana Quiroz as Joan Haywood

Diana’s performance roots lie in technical theatre, where she then branched out as a competitive thespian and dancer. Her professional career has varied from working at theme parks, music festivals, nightlife, dancing in music videos and choreographing/directing several works for local entertainment companies. She makes her acting debut with the first ever The Sun Coast Renaissance Festival.

Hugo Hidal as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Has been participating in Renaissance festivals for over 20 years as a patron and a member of several demonstration groups.  2005 to 2013 with a siege engine group and as leader of his own Viking reenactment group, Huginsborg Viking Trading Encampment from 2016 to 2018. He has also portrayed several characters from the 16th-Century to the 18th Century at other festivals as well.

Jake Mullaney as William Barber, the Barber Surgeon’s Assistant

Jake began his acting career at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in 2017. He continued to work for the festival and decided to crown it his home. He then added the West Virginia Renaissance Festival to his circuit and began to find more festivals to extend his talents. Jake is more than thrilled to have the opportunity to act at the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival with the rest of the talented crew. During the week, Jake works alongside the site crew to help build and maintain the festival grounds.

Jamie Wade as Princess Mary, daughter to Henry VIII

From performing to costume design, Jamie has been involved in theatre since 2010. She has performed at the Florida Renaissance Festival, Camelot Days, and Boynton Beach Pirate Festival, and is ecstatic to be a part of the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival team.  In her spare time, she works as a Cosplay repair nurse at several conventions in South Florida.

 J.R. Musgrove as Giuseppe Tartaglione, Italian Artist

J.R. has performed at Busch Gardens as a scare actor, since 2011. When not performing, J.R. enjoys Ballroom dancing, and creating narratives through the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons! he is very excited to be making his debut at the Sun Coast Renaissance festival.

Kara Tingley as Lady Lucy Somerset

Kara has been involved in theatre since 2002 and in Renaissance faires, festivals, and interactive theatre since 2004. Over the years she has portrayed many characters and held many positions including street cast, choral director, and cast director. She has performed at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, the Pennsylvania, and the Brevard Renaissances Faire, and with Noble Art Theatre Company. Kara is excited to be a part of the premier season of the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival.

Katie McKinnis as Jane Danvers, the Town Crier

Katie is originally from the Pacific Northwest.  Katie will mark her ninth year of performing, with the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival. When not entertaining the public, she is a bookkeeper.  Katie has two wonderful sons, two dogs, a cat, and a husband that she adores.

Lady Ophelia More as the Lady Mayor of Bayshire

Lady Ophelia has been performing since childhood. She has performed various roles at Renaissance Faires/festivals throughout the Country, as well as on stage, television, and film. Queen, Washer Wench, Town Crier, and Lady Ophelia’s Dance are some of her favorite roles. She has many directing credits to her name and is thrilled to have directed such an extremely talented company of performers, and all-around group of wonderful people. She looks forward to introducing the Sun Coast Actors to the guests this year, as we happily launch the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival!

Michael Murphy as Sir George Silver, Fight Master

Michael Murphy has been a stuntman and actor for 15 years. Specializing in horsemanship and swordsmanship, he has appeared in several dinner theater productions in Orlando and several independent movies. This is his first Renaissance Festival.

Rina Adams – Dance Fiddler

She is handsome, she is pretty, she is the belle of Hillsboro county! Rina is a gypsy at heart and a dragon in disguise, gifted with the talent of crafting. She is a mother to four hell hounds and a naga whilst also being the wife of a wandering king slayer. When she is not busy mastering her craft, she can be found traveling with The Black Velvet Band and other local aristocrats. Her love of music spans past two decades and she loves what she does. Be wary though, her charm can lead to your demise.

Sabrina Cotter as Princess Elizabeth, daughter to Henry VIII

Sabrina has been involved with Renaissance faires/festivals since 2014.  Sabrina has performed at the Florida Renaissance Festival as well as the Boynton Beach Pirate Festival. She is very excited to add the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival to her list. Sabrina has a Bachelors in Technical Theatre, with a concentration on costume design.

Samuel Musgrove as Enzo Tartaglione

Samuel has performed at Busch Gardens, as a scare actor since 2015.  He was given an award for best Scare actor in 2019. Samuel has received an associate degree in Theatrical arts at Hillsborough Community College. When not performing, Samuel likes to work out, watch wrestling and mixed martial arts. This is Samuel’s first ever Renaissance Festival.  He is thrilled to be a part of the show!

Thomas Littrell as William Tyndall, Actor

began his acting career in January of 2018 at Florida Studio Theatre attending improv classes and showcasing on stage. Continuing to hone his character dialects, improv, and stage combat skills on cast at Sarasota Medieval Faire for two seasons. Now, performing on Cast with our very own Sun Coast Renaissance Festival. Thomas is a local Blacksmith and enjoys teaching classes to those interested in learning the arts.

Timothy Fraley as King Henry VIII

Timothy is a classically trained professional actor. He has been in theater from childhood and has been performing at faires and festivals for decades, portraying a wide range of memorable and unique interactive characters. With his background in stage, environmental theater, and history, whether bringing emperors, kings, dukes, popes, heroes or villains to life, his singular talents and gracious style have made him a festival favorite from the southernmost tip of Florida to the shores of the Great Lakes, and places in between.

Zach Viola as Elias Sowers, the Barber Surgeon

Zach first found acting in 2009, involved in a handful of shows and small independent films in late high school and early college. He lost it for a number of years before finding his way to the New York Renaissance Faire in 2018, and now, happily, to the Sun Coast Renaissance Festival. In the meantime, he attends classes in dance and voice, to hone his skills, as well as many a year as Dungeon Master in the wild worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.