SunCoast Actors of the Renaissance Festival


We begin the day in the charming village of Bayshire, a sleepy, quiet little place somewhere nestled in the tranquil countryside in the south of England. The village is all abuzz with excitement surrounding a rare and unprecedented Royal Visitation! Queen Mary Tudor, and her husband and co-ruler, Philip II of Spain, and their court, have come to Bayshire to enjoy the Winter Holiday Market Faire. 'Tis is a great honour to host such exalted personages, and the Lady Mayor, Lady Ophelia, and her simple villagers, have labored hard to ensure that the Royals, and all their guests, enjoy their time away from the hectic life at court.

Unbeknownst to all, there are great changes afoot, changes that shall transform the shape of life in England, and the entire world, FOREVER…



Elizabeth is the youngest child and daughter of the late King Henry VIII, and his second queen Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth's place in the Tudor Dynasty hath always been an unsteady one. Since her mother’s execution, her position as a Princess in the line of succession hath been uncertain. She hath been the target of unfounded scandals and scathing rumours of treason, and even hath been accused of rebellion against her older sister, Queen Mary, often leaving the young woman’s very life in the balance. Although Philip hath tried to reconcile the two sisters, Elizabeth hath been summoned to Bayshire without citing the reason for the Royal summons. What awaits her here, only the fates shall decide…

Portrayed by Aly Mierzejewski


Philip is the richest and most powerful ruler on earth. His dominions are vast, in Europe, the New World, and beyond...to the farthest reaches of the globe. It is said that His Majesty’s smile cuts like a sword, and he can be the greatest of ardent friends, or the most dangerous and implacable of enemies. A fervent Catholic, it has been said that he wishes to unite the entire world in one faith, under his Crown. His Majesty’s advantageous marriage to Mary I gained him the co-rulership of England as well. The alliance of Spain and England against France hath given him the upper hand against his enemies, and he hath returned victorious from the continent in hope of mending the relations betwixt his Royal wife and her sister, Elizabeth, whom he hath befriended…with a prudent eye glancing to the future…

Portrayed by Timothy Fraley

Timothy is a classically trained professional actor. He has been in theater from childhood and has been performing at faires and festivals for decades, portraying a wixde range of memorable and unique interactive characters. With his background in stage, environmental theater, and history, whether bringing emperors, kings, dukes, popes, heroes or villains to life, his singular talents and gracious style have made him a festival favorite from the southernmost tip of Florida to the shores of the Great Lakes, and places in between.


His Grace is England’s Premier Peer, Earl Marshal of England, and one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the kingdom. He is second cousin to Princess Elizabeth, and his family, known for having Catholic sympathies, hath been at the forefront of English politics and the English court for generations, usually with notorious result. The Howards have married or been married into, most of the noblest of English families. He also hath a friend in Philip of Spain. The Duke himself is keen on holding his place of preeminence and increasing his position, not necessarily for the good of the realm, nor for the good of its sovereign. Woe be unto them that stand in the way of prideful aspirations…

Portrayed by Michael Cicci

Michael Cicci has been attending Renaissance Festivals since he was a small child. He started volunteering at the Florida Renaissance Festival as a teenager for community service hours in high school. It was there that he found his passion for this amazing world. From there he started developing characters of different eras in history that can be seen from Pirate festivals, Siege weapons encampments and other Renaissance Festivals.


Her Grace is the stately, steadfast, and loyal wife of the Duke of Norfolk. Daughter of a late Lord Chancellor of England, she is no stranger to the manipulations and intrigues of the Royal Court. Her marriage to England’s only Duke combined two houses of great prominence and resources. Together, with their formidable wealth and influence, the Duke and Duchess might rise to even loftier heights if they were of a mind to do so…

Portrayed by Jamie Wade

From performing to costume design, Jamie has been involved in theatre since 2010. She has performed at the Florida Renaissance Festival, Camelot Days, and Boynton Beach Pirate Festival, and is ecstatic to be a part of the Suncoast Renaissance Festival team. In her spare time, she works as a Cosplay repair nurse at several conventions in South Florida.


Archbishop Parker is of common origins and a moderate ecclesiast. He had been a favourite chaplain of Queen Anne Boleyn, who entrusted him with the spiritual welfare of the Princess Elizabeth. He did not want to be elevated to his great office of Archbishop of the Church in England, but perhaps that humility should be the requisite for all great offices. He is a kind, oft surprisingly down to earth, and affable shepherd of his flock, and leader of the Lord's Spiritual…

Portrayed by Rev. Fr. Robert S. Stewart

Rev. Fr. Robert S. Stewart is an Anglican Papalist Priest proudly representing the LGBTQIA+ community. His mission goal is to preserve the Catholic Faith within Anglicanism through Anglican-Papalism. He was in seminary for eleven years, and was ordained a deacon and a priest within the Episcopal Catholic Church; in 2020 Fr. Stewart left the Episcopal Catholic Church and would go on to form Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Anglican Mission. He has a passion for church history, languages, biblical study, and plain chant.


Sir Robert’s family fell from a lofty height supporting Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen. When Queen Mary took her throne, Dudley’s father lost his head, and the entire family was thrown into the Tower to await the same fate. With the marriage of Philip II of Spain to Queen Mary, Phillip intervened, showing the remaining Dudley family mercy. In return, Sir Robert fought in France for Philip, and hath proven his worth at court...at least to some. Although married, Sir Robert hath always had a great affection for his childhood friend, the Princess Elizabeth. She is fond of him in return, but Sir Robert’s affections may rest in his own self-interest, but how far, and to what ends, shall he go to pursue his own ambitions…

Portrayed by Drew Mierzejewski


Lady Margaret is the daughter of the sister of Henry VIII, Margaret Tudor, Dowager Queen of Scotland. Lady Lennox came to England in her youth, to live in the household of her first cousins, Mary and Elizabeth. Twice Margaret angered King Henry with her scandalous behavior, but she became very close to Mary, and has remained her confidant throughout the Queen’s reign. A Catholic, coupled with her nearness in blood to the throne, hath made Queen Mary remark on more than one occasion that Margaret should make a more suitable replacement for Elizabeth in the line of succession…

Portrayed by Grace Svitak-Norton

Grace Svitak-Norton is excited to be returning again this year as cast at the The SunCoast Renaissance Festival. She has been attending Renaissance festivals since she was a wee one both on the east and west coast where her love for it all began.. She has been seen frequenting the stage in the fashion world and some behind the camera work in the music industry. She is excited to be back and bring life to the characters you see.


Sir William had been appointed to Princess Elizabeth’s household when she was young, and hath served her faithfully, administering her lands and possessions for her welfare. He is a conscientious and dutiful councilor, often long winded, often plodding and overly verbose, and always at the ready to give his not always clear or wanted opinion, yet erring ever on the side of what he believes is best for the kingdom…

Portrayed by Konnor Metcalf

Konner Metcalf is an actor from Michigan who up till now has only done stage work. He is very excited for this opportunity to dive into a whole new world and live it with the audience and cast as he returns for another season!


Lady Mildred is the loyal and loving wife of Sir William Cecil. Her father, who was a Royal tutor, provided well for her education, which is as good as any man and mayhaps better. She often helps her husband in his work, is an invaluable asset, and is more than able to help succinctly and clearly explain the finer points of her husband's proposals and opinions…

Portrayed by Cherran Dea

Cherran Dea is a Midwest transplant currently residing in Orlando, Florida. When she isn’t working as a performer at Universal Studios (Halloween Horror Nights & Animated Characters), she’s twirling some tassels as a resident burlesque performer with prominent Orlando troupes: Corsets & Cuties and Midnight Fables Cabaret... She is also a ringmaster with the Victorian Horror Troupe Phantasmagoria, where she weaves tales from time immemorial as Dahlia. Cherran Dea’s previous credits include 2018 Orlando Fringe Festival’s Patron’s Pick Winning musical A Show Girls Musical and Arden.


Sir Richard is the brother of Lady Mildred Cecil. Richard is a Member of Parliament, and as such he is well versed in the political workings of the realm. He may not be the most effective MP, nor the brightest, but he is well educated like his brilliant sister, and one hopes he outlives the general consensus that he is, “a bit off”. Sir Richard dreams of making an advantageous wedding match, perhaps even one to climb far above that which his rank and station would otherwise reach…

Portrayed by Robert Workman

Robert got his love for reenactment with his father when he was young and did a wild west themed gun safety show. After 11 years working as a pirate reenactor for multiple festivals throughout Florida this will be Robert’s second time as a part of a major cast. Robert happily returns once again to entertain and delight the audience at the SunCoast Renaissance festival. He has worked with stunts, being blown off a boat with minor pyrotechnics, sword fights, and did a black powder display. Here, because of the love of it.


As the Mayor of Bayshire, Lady Ophelia More has the responsibility of overseeing the day's festivities, and making sure that all is in readiness for the royal arrival. She hopes to also enjoy the day with her dear friend and fellow mischief maker, Lady Lucy Somerset. The Lady Mayor is hoping for a smooth day, but when does that ever happen when Nobility is present.

Portrayed by Lady Ophelia More

Lady Ophelia has been performing since childhood. She has performed various roles on stage, Television, and film, and she performs her dance show, “Lady Ophelia’s Dance,”  at Renaissance Faires/festivals throughout the Country. She has directing credits to her name and is thrilled and honored to direct such an extremely talented company of performers, and all-around group of wonderful people.


Lady Lucy Somerset’s father is Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester. Her late mother was Lady Margaret Courtenay, however she passed away in an unfortunate accident when Lady Lucy was only a year old. Her step-mother is Elizabeth Browne. Through her mother she is  connected to  Henry Courtenay, 1st Marquess of Exeter (her Uncle). Her second cousins included among others, Arthur, Prince of Wales, Margaret Tudor, Queen consort of Scotland, King Henry VIII of England, and Mary Tudor, Queen consort of France. She is well born and well connected, though  so far lived a somewhat sheltered life, and has not yet been to court.  Lady Lucy is excited to see the royal court, as well as enjoy the day with her dear friend,  and fellow mischief maker, the Lady Mayor, Lady Ophelia. Perhaps with her help, she may hopefully fulfill her dream and gain a position at court.

Portrayed by Kara Tingley

Kara has been involved in theatre since 2002 and in Renaissance faires, festivals, and interactive theatre since 2004. Over the years she has portrayed many characters and held many positions including street cast, choral director, and cast director. She has performed at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, the Pennsylvania, and the Brevard Renaissance Fair, and with Noble Art Theatre Company. Kara is excited to be a part of the SunCoast Renaissance Festival.


Edmund is Town Crier of Bayshire, and is also newly appointed Master of the Revels. His feats upon the stage, as actor, director and playwright are legend...one just hath need to ask him. Howe'ere, his recent appointment might be more due more to his kinship, however distant, to the Duke of Norfolk, and the Princess Elizabeth. He hath not been unknown to censor the work of his rivals, but his own work stands alone...quite often as doth he…

Portrayed by Justin M.G. Hughes


Master Penworthy, with a great amount of patience and fortitude, is Clerk to Sir Richard Cooke. He is fully committed to his profession, being exacting and meticulous, but also ever mindful of the daunting task it is to be of service to a master of questionable competency. Simon tries as he must to steer Sir Richard to making better choices, constantly feeling the need to direct his employer in the most basic of human social interactions, courtly etiquette, parliamentary procedure, and to just plain not being a strange duck. Simon hath attached himself to a star, one that mightst rise or fall without the clerk's intervention or cunning plans..

Portrayed by Thomas Rangitsch

Thomas Rangitsch is a lifelong Renaissance fair attendee, in various states, and this is his third Fair to participate in. He is an avid Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder player, having played Pathfinder for 9 years and running games for 7 years. He is a baker and in his free time he enjoys painting tabletop roleplaying game miniatures, crocheting, board games, and video games. He has 3 pets, two cats named Mister and Hastur and an ivory ball python named Chlorr.


Master Tinker is a very busy man. Between the court and the villagers, He is constantly saving us all with his wonderful knowledge of fixing all our broken possessions.  We clearly would not know what to do without him.

Portrayed by Mike Mellen

Mike has been involved with the SunCoast Renaissance Festival since its beginning and is part of both the cast and administrative team. When he isn’t doing nerdy computer things to pay the bills, he can be found hanging out at local community theaters, where he volunteers as an actor, improv troupe member, lighting and sound technician and director. He will be spending part of his Faire days on the stage in the Bard lite productions, and the rest repairing patrons’ broken possessions.


The Innkeeper's daughter and amateur artist Eleanor’s family have the best Inn in the village. (Even though it is the only Inn in the village!) Eleanor and her father take great pride in their establishment, and travelers benefit from her quality touch in everything she does. Although she enjoys working at the Inn, she aspires to be a great artist. She is hoping that her artwork will be seen by the court, and a position of court artist would be in her future.  If not, she plans on profiting from festival folk to finally get a new roof on the Inn!

Portrayed by Bre-Anne Irvin

Bre-Anne is thrilled to be joining this year’s renaissance Festival. A recent transplant to the Sarasota area, she has long been a fan of theatre, history and fancy duds. A newcomer to the acting scene: she is excited to see how many tips & tricks she can garner from her seasoned cast-mates, as well as what sort mischief might be made


Tiziano Vecelli is a Venetian artist of great renown. Called by his fellow Italian artists as, "The Sun Amidst Small Stars", his use of color and attention to detail is the master's forte. He is Court artist to His Majesty, Philip of Spain, and hath accompanied the Monarch to England. In fact, it was one of Titian's portraits of Philip that made Queen Mary fall in love with her future husband…

Portrayed by Paul Scoville

Paul has been a photographer for 42 years. When not plying his trade as a graphic artist, he enjoys playing his guitar. He has a love of wine, and long-haired mini dachshunds. This is Paul's first time performing at the SunCoast renaissance festival.


The Legend returns! Join Robin and his Merry Band under the shade of the Greenwood for thrilling fun and adventures!


Sir Robin of Loxley traded ease and comfort as a lord of the manor to live a simple life with his companions under the bowers of Sherwood. This timeless and legendary outlaw, skilled archer, and swordsman, remains England's most prolific live action hero…

Portrayed by Jim King

Meet James Philip King, a budding actor of 29 from Port Saint Lucie, and the rest of the Treasure Coast. "Robin Hood of Sherwood" will mark his first Renaissance-Performance, though a list of 32 different musicals, 26 dramatic/comedic straight plays, and less so 6 "murder mystery dinner" shows, including countless other odd venues, his breadth is being put on full display. Jim enjoys his off-time modeling and designing software, as well as mixing and recording personal audio projects. "Enjoy the festivities!"


Lady Marion is the wife of Robin, and his own true love. She is a kind and loyal friend, but as strong, independent, and courageous as any Merry Man…

Portrayed by Makayla Hunter

Makayla is so excited to be a part of the Suncoast Renaissance Festival as this is her first time performing at a Renaissance Festival. She has been performing and doing theatre since she was younger and now, she is currently majoring in Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies at the New College of Florida. She is very grateful to have the immense amount of support from her friends and family and is proud to share her passion with you.


Will is a member of the Merry Band, and quite skilled with a sword. Young, tempestuous, and a bit of a hot-head, Will can always be seen dressed in fine scarlet as befits the name…

Portrayed by Jamie Catherine

Jamie Saunders is delighted to be playing (and fighting!) with the company. Jamie has trained theatrically here in Sarasota, as well as in New York, Bangkok, and London.  Recently, Jamie has performed in plays such as Our Town (Asolo Rep) and Eurydice (Theater at Monmouth).  Aside from acting, they love making art, dancing, writing poetry, visiting museums, playing ukulele, and collecting crystals.


Jovial Tuck is much more than a mendicant friar, but a full fledged member of Robin's Merry Band. Although ministering to the spiritual needs of the common folk, Friar Tuck enjoys life in the forest with them, with great mirth and merriment…

Portrayed by Jennifer Frandsen

Jennifer Frandsen is delighted to be returning.  She is a professional costume designer for film and theater.  When she’s not performing at Renaissance Festivals and Cosplay conventions, she will be appearing as Friar Tuck at both The SunCoast Renaissance Festival and The Brevard Renaissance Fair.  Having lived in four countries and speaking three languages, she has been blessed with a life of adventure and exploration. She shares the lessons from that life in her family friendly shows and songs and hopes you will come spend a little time with her during your visit.


The son of a butcher, Edwin is learning the trade from his father.  He enjoys learning his father's skills in being a butcher, however, he also is a big fan of Robin Hood and his merrymen.  Oftentimes, you will find him in Sherwood Forest, rather than attending to his studies.

Portrayed by Valor Foster

Valor is a fairly new, yet eager member of the renaissance crew, having only performed a handful of times. Outside of faire he is an avid storyteller and artist who appreciates the darker type of stories.


She is handsome, she is pretty, she is the belle of Hillsboro county! Rina is a gypsy at heart and a dragon in disguise, gifted with the talent of crafting. She is a mother to four hellhounds and a naga whilst also being the wife of a wandering king slayer. When she is not busy mastering her craft, she can be found traveling with The Black Velvet Band and other local aristocrats. Her love of music spans the past two decades and she loves what she does. Be wary though, her charm can lead to your demise.


Don has such an extensive background and experience as a musician, as well as so many other achievements, that he is too humble to even mention it all.  So here, the folks at the SunCoast Festival wrote this blurb for him. We are honored to have Don be a part of the festival.


Aside from her 6 years of both performance and production experience in the Renaissance Faire industry, she is also a 16th generation circus performer, published author and ballroom dancer.  We are extremely pleased and fortunate that she has lent us her expertise for the SunCoast Renaissance Festival.


Hailing from the Island of Guam, Frank comes equipped ready for battle…battle being the chaos of entertainment.  With over 20 years of industry experience (and battling monsters), this will be his first time EVER working with a renaissance festival.  You can catch him on his spare time bunting kings or stealing dragon eggs.